Today’s sin paradox

God made us holy in spite of all our sins and filth in our lives. We know that. How incredible is that? So, how is it possible for us to realize that God did such an amazing thing for us, gave us this gift, and yet we continue to sin. We can say “I am a Christian” and say “I don’t care if I continue to sin”. Like Jesus died so that you can take advantage of your selfishness. God thought that sin was such a Big Deal that He sent his ONLY SON so that YOU could have eternal life. That sounds like a big deal to me.

How much would it hurt if you gave someone a gift that was SO important to you. A gift that would change that person’s life and let them to spend time with you. And that person takes that gift and thanks you and then uses that gift to their advantage to be able to do what they want. Not caring why you have them the gift or spending any real time with you. Wouldn’t that hurt?

I feel like we use the gift that God gave us in the wrong way.
Because I spend time with God, I know what he wants for me. And I know God doesn’t like when I sin. I don’t want to continue to sin, because God actually matters to me.

Why don’t I understand God?

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. (‭Philippians‬ ‭4‬:‭7‬ NIV)

But this is cool. That part there, “God, which transcends all understanding,” is what I have realized is the main reason people have a hard time with God. Everyone wants a God that they can relate to. Someone that thinks like they do. That is logical.
And We are kinda like God in that we are made in His image and God has instilled certain characteristics in us that are also in His character. But I still think that it is impossible for us to fully understand God. A being that Spoke The Universe into being(the Big Bang). People want God to be logical. But from everything we know about God, it’s that He isn’t. Miracles aren’t logical. Creating us with free will isn’t logical. Sending His son to die for our sins isn’t logical.
There are things that God does that do make sense and things that don’t.
I think the main reason people don’t have faith in God is because things happen that don’t make sense or that they don’t understand. When in fact, how can we understand?

Just a thought

So I was working the other day and this beautiful cardinal was just sitting in the yard. I had to move him so he didn’t get in the way. I thought was just stunned or hurt and I wanted to move him somewhere so he could heal or recuperate. So I picked him up very carefully and placed him somewhere safe. He then coughed up blood and died immediately.

It was so surreal. One moment he was just there and beautiful and made me really happy to see him and the next he was gone. I know I didn’t really have a connection to him but I still almost broke down right there. Just a lot of emotions. It was a strange feeling. So sad and yet it wouldn’t really change my life. It’s just life. Life and death. Part of everything that we know of and experience so far. Life is hard. So thankful I have hope in life. I think that’s what sets me apart