Sometimes hardcore music.
Wish you could hear my bass drum

Priorities. I’ve decided that Spending time with God is a priority over sleep. If I can’t sacrifice sleep for the God of the universe, how can I say I’d die for Him?
You could argue that God cares about us and would want us to get more sleep/rest to help us. But if that’s your argument then I’d say you haven’t truly experienced real interaction with God.
Yeah you can say I read my bible and pray and go to church. Let me tell you, there is more! We may think, yeah God hears us or is around us, but I encourage you to see personal interaction with Spirit of God. Its more

I feel like following Jesus is an all or nothing thing.
If you believe He died for your sins, then there is no reason to not go all in and get the most of what God offers and desires.
If you don’t believe that then going to church or praying or stuff like that means nothing. So why do it?
If you haven’t made up your mind or are still figuring stuff out. Go for it. Research. Check stuff out. But eventually ya gotta make a decision.

I don’t know why I have total self-control one day and none the next. That’s how my life has been. But I continually ask God to give me strength. Cuz every moment is a battle. It’s not *click* I’m forgiven, life is easy. Lol THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. always. Always fighting my flesh. Always striving for relationship with God. Always pursuing love.